Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Only 15 Years

We've been in our home for over 15 years and I finally got curtains put up in our family room. No, the single window in the room wasn't totally bare all those years as blinds and a valance with my favorite Waverly fabric (that's followed me from house to house) provided privacy.  On a routine stop at Denver Fabrics, I found the perfect material for my curtains - a red check with a delicate green border.  Loved it so much that I bought what was left on the roll - about 9 yards.  Who know, there may be a chair slipcover in the future.

These were the easiest curtains to make - just used fusible webbing tape and my iron. So much faster and better than lugging the sewing machine out of the fabric cabinet.  And no stray threads to pick up!

To make it even easier, I left the selvage edge so there wasn't any hemming on the sides.  I like the rustic look the edge gives.

Cozy is how I'd describe the room now...just love my new curtains paired with my grandfather's old rocker and my basket of pillows.

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  1. 15 years for curtains helps me justify the 13 years it took me to get the living room painted!