Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blueberries, Queen Anne's Lace and wooden bridges

I love to visit New England and photograph all the beauty there. The fact that I have two grandsons there  doesn't figure into it of course.

One blistering hot summer day, we went to a truck farm to pick blueberries 'cause Grandma (me) had never done that.  We got lots of berries and summer vegies, but I also got beautiful photos from there.

Julie from Sherwood Studio at thedigichick.com has a new kit coming out called "Quite Contrary".  I used it
for this layout.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Moment in Time...

that's how I think of my photography.  Many years ago as a little girl I started out with a Brownie camera and flash (with those awful flash bulbs);  I loves the idea of taking photo, but hated the terrible ones that came from that little camera - more expensive cameras were out of the question for our family finances.  Back then I knew nothing of composition, angle, rule of three, etc. so I got discouraged and quit.

Then life intervened.  College, marriage, 3 little ones, jobs...you know the routine.  I barely had time for anything, much less documenting my life.  Now that I'm a "senior" it seems that with age comes the freedom to rediscover old loves; I first found the point and shoot cameras, then digital SLRs.  Now it thrills me to see my 7 year old granddaughter use her mother's DSLR.

I'm still not the photographer I want to be nor the one I dream of being but what the heck.  Let's enjoy the journey.

I found some old favorites of mine taken with that little point & shoot.  They're grainy, out of focus, but they're my memories.  Taken from a trip to Santa Fe about 10 years ago, the photos have been edited with photoshop art filters.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Chilly Cheeks

Today is Baby Max's first birthday...that year sure has passed quickly.  Last Sunday he enjoyed the family sledding outing until he fell off the sled and got cold.  He's not very happy in this photo.

supplies used

WinterKiss template 4 by Jenn CK
Idea Notebook Jan. 2011 by Digital Design Essentials

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dylan's big day

With all the big snowstorms in the Northeast, my grandson had a big sledding day last weekend.  Dylan, Mommy, Daddy and little brother Max went to a big hill close to their house in suburban Boston and enjoyed the day before the big football games started.  My son and daughter in law are huge football fans so they had to get home in time to watch their favorite teams.  The day went well until both boys took face plants and then they were pretty unhappy, cold and tired.

supplies used:  Summer template 15 by Tiffany Tillman
Bella Joy and Bella Natale kits by Randi Oh

Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter in Colorado

Julie from Sherwood Studio has some new kits in her shop at The Digichick.  I've kinda lost my scrapping mojo lately so I spent today making two layouts for Julie.  The first one is called Winter - original, eh?

Winter Solitude by Sherwood Studio
Clean It Up by Sherwood Studio (staples)
Template 117 by Lindsay J Designs


Winter Solitude by Sherwood Studio

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


When I visit family in New England - which is frequently to see my grandbabies - we always spend one day on a photoshoot. My son Chris, daughter Jen and son-in-law Bob and I go to various places in New Hampshire and Maine. Some time ago we were driving down a two lane road when we passed a reconstructed village alongside an antique store. Quickly turning around, we headed back to photograph this great find. It was sleeting and snowing so we couldn't spend too much time there, but did manage to get some great shots.

By the way, we call it Brigadoon because we've gone up and down that same highway and never found the place again.