Monday, December 12, 2011

Breakfront Beauty

This old breakfront has been in my family for some time.  My mother loved to go to farm auctions - back then, auctions were usually held when a family died off as opposed to these days when foreclosure is usually the reason. (I digress, as usual)

Anyway, Mother bought this old piece and lugged it home, much to my Dad's dismay.  She and I applied a fake golden oak grain finish to the thing probably 50 years ago.  It was in her house until she died nearly 20 years ago when I moved it to Colorado. Its finish wasn't a bad match for oak, but over the years my house filled up with wood finishes and I wanted COLOR.  Just like those in some gorgeous material I found a few years ago and made into drapes.

Enter my passion for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  I figured painting the breakfront's inside with Cream and the outside with Versailles over Primer Red would be perfect.  Well, the inside looked great but the Versailles just wasn't quite right.  Next I put Chateau Grey over the front and finished with a mixture of clear and dark wax. Voila - just what I wanted.

Now some of my favorite things reside inside.  I love it!


Almost forgot...this label was on the breakfront's back.  Anyone have any information about the company?

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  1. So beautiful. Great color combination and finish! Would love to see the before pics!

  2. You did an amazing job on that cabinet, the colours are lovely.
    I'm seriously hoping to get painting some furniture soon, now that I have finished work for Christmas.

  3. Love it ! Love it! Love it! Absolutely GORGEOUS!

  4. what a beautiful piece! the curved glass alone is a treasure!