Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Moment in Time...

that's how I think of my photography.  Many years ago as a little girl I started out with a Brownie camera and flash (with those awful flash bulbs);  I loves the idea of taking photo, but hated the terrible ones that came from that little camera - more expensive cameras were out of the question for our family finances.  Back then I knew nothing of composition, angle, rule of three, etc. so I got discouraged and quit.

Then life intervened.  College, marriage, 3 little ones, know the routine.  I barely had time for anything, much less documenting my life.  Now that I'm a "senior" it seems that with age comes the freedom to rediscover old loves; I first found the point and shoot cameras, then digital SLRs.  Now it thrills me to see my 7 year old granddaughter use her mother's DSLR.

I'm still not the photographer I want to be nor the one I dream of being but what the heck.  Let's enjoy the journey.

I found some old favorites of mine taken with that little point & shoot.  They're grainy, out of focus, but they're my memories.  Taken from a trip to Santa Fe about 10 years ago, the photos have been edited with photoshop art filters.

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